Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare 100ml

Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare 100ml

Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare has a soothing and relaxing effect and relieves pain, while also providing antibacterial protection.

It is used to cleanse the skin before piercing and maintain piercing after surgery. It resists skin, relieves pain and shortens recovery time.

Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare is different than any other piercing cleansing fluid. Scientific and dermatological research has shown that the use of Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare fluid for piercing and post-operative piercing provides perfect conditions for optimal skin recovery.


For professional use in studio and for home use.

Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare fluid transforms the experience of piercing, both in the studio and during recovery:

When applied to the clinic, Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare cleansens the skin and relieves the pain. This reduces the feeling of discomfort, and the whole process is facilitated by the reduction of fever and swelling.


When used to maintain piercing, Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare keeps the skin clean and calm during the healing process. This usually allows a lot of skin rashes, which is why the client can replace piercings much earlier.


Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare has a beneficial effect on all types of piercings, including those on parts of the body that have poorer blood flow, such as tragus or ear cartilage, which usually take a long time to heal. For mouth and tongue piercings, you can use Clinsept+ mouthwash. 

The chemical process behind Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare

An optimal combination of effective antibacterial activity and complete oral cavity care.

Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare uses a unique hypochlorous technology that imbues the body's immune system. Does not contain toxins, has a neutral pH value, does not cause irritation, is safe for use on human skin and does not harm the environment. Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare is based on a hypochlorous chemical composition of 99.9% pure water to which a small amount of acid is added to be effective for cleaning.

Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare cleanses the skin alike, as the carbonated drinks clean the coins, but does not cause the feeling of baking and irritation and leaves no clues. The skin cleansing approach provides much better care than any other cleansing, rinse or maintenance agent commonly used in the piercing process. The ability to achieve such a high level of purity without the use of irritant or toxic compounds is what clinisoothe's liquidity is hiding.

Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare has the following effects:

strenght and pH-value adapted for piercing
dermatologically tested (without animal testing)
reduces redness and inflammation

For best results:

to be used throughout the entire process of placing the paste - from skin preparation to maintenance after surgery
after piercing, soak a piece of napkin or a nappy liquid and soak in the piercing for 5 to 10 minutes of cognac to soothe the skin and relieve pain
for care after putting the piercing fluid liquid 2-3 times a day as needed


Frequently asked questions:

Does Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare have a bleach or chlorine?

No, Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare contains only a hypochlorous solution that, although its chlorine-like scent, has completely different traits, making it completely safe for the skin and even for the eyes. The smell disappears when the solution is dried.

How Safe is Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare? Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare is completely safe to use.

Dermatologically tested and proven to clean without causing irritation or chemical damage to the skin.

Should I use something else with Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare?

No, Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare provides a sufficient level of purity, and its antibacterial effect on your ear & body piercing, providing the best protection against infection. 

What else do I need to know?

Nothing … apart from the fact that Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare will pull out the best of your ear & body piercing and make you more satisfied!

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