What Does It Take To Have A Perfect Piercing?

Piercings beautify our bodies, and we love them for that. But, poorly done piercing can cause ugly scars, skin damage, pain, and even cause allergies.

How can you protect yourself and make sure your piercing will look and feel great? Three things matter the most - piercer's knowledge, proper hygiene, and high-quality nickel-free jewelry.


1. Choose a good piercer

Find a good, experienced piercer who has a good eye for aesthetics and takes good care of hygiene in his studio.

The best piercers usually are well-known in their local communities, so it's best to ask for a recommendation.


Piercing Cleanser&Aftercare Clinisoothe+ - Choose a good piercer


2. Keep your piercing clean

To prevent infections, you will need to clean the piercing a few times a day with a cotton swab dipped in the skin cleanser. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your skin. Avoid bathtubs - the shower is safer. Change your bedding regularly.

Avoid harsh, alcohol-based skin cleansers. They are not skin-compatible, and as they kill pathogens, they can also kill your skin cells, which then form an unaesthetic layer of dead skin cells.


Piercing Cleanser&Aftercare Clinisoothe+ - Keep Your Piercing Clean


That won’t happen with Clinisoothe+ Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare cleanser, based on hypochlorous, the same substance that skin cells produce to defend themselves from pathogens.

Unlike other commercially available products, Clinisoothe+ kills all the pathogens with ease, but doesn't interact with skin cells, leaving it soothed, safe, and thoroughly cleaned.

By protecting the skin cells, Clinisoothe+ Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare also speeds up the recovery and makes sure your piercing will look perfectly.

Using Clinisoothe+ Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare is easy - just wipe your piercing a few times a day with a cotton swab or pad dipped in Clinisoothe+ Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare until it heals completely.


3. Chose your jewelry wisely

Jewelry containing nickel can cause sudden allergy onset. Instead of enjoying the beautiful piercing, you can end up with an unpleasant skin allergy, rash, redness, or even scars. To avoid that - use nickel-free jewelry only!

As a result of the awareness about nickel-related allergies, the market is flooded with jewelry with "nickel free" and "hypoallergenic" labels.

Unfortunately, there are no regulations that define the properties of such jewelry. Every brand can label their products "hypoallergenic." Even if the item contains nickel. Yes, it is absurd, but that's how it is.

The only way to be sure your jewelry is safe is to buy it from trusted companies like SimplyWhispers. They are pioneers in developing new alloys that do not contain nickel at all.


Piercing Cleanser&Aftercare Clinisoothe+ - Choose your jewelry wisely


For more than four decades, dermatologists recommend SimplyWhispers even to people with the most sensitive and delicate skin. Also, SimplyWhispers jewelry is beautifully designed and extremely pleasant to wear.

Choose the jewelry that will enhance your looks but also protect your health. .

With the highest-quality jewelry by SimpleWhispers, a knowledgeable piercer, and regular care with a superior Clinisoothe+ Piercing Cleanser & Aftercare skin cleanser, you can be sure your piercings will look and feel great, heal nicely, and fast. Just the way they should.