Give a gift of health



Are you thinking about what to give to your loved ones for this Christmas? Well, it’s 2020 - so sanitizer, of course!

Nothing is more important in crazy 2020 than staying healthy.

As we all will try to meet at least the closest family (if possible), keeping nasty viruses away should be our top priority, especially if we decide to visit our elderly.

So, skip the chocolate this year - we eat too much sugar anyway - and go for sanitizers. It is the 2020 way of saying - I love you, right?

But be careful. Not all sanitizers are made equal. Some of them will dry your hands, make them itchy, or even cause allergies. That’s the last thing we want for Christmas.

So, choose wisely.

Pick strong and reliable, but festive sanitizer, mild, and soft, like your love for family and friends. Our hands deserve some rest, after all the harsh sanitizers we used at work and in shops.




Clinisept+ Aftercare is a mild, skin-compatible cleanser that respects and nurtures your skin. With it, you can clean your hands as often as you need to keep your loved ones safe. Even the most delicate skin likes Clinisept+ Aftercare.




Before you visit your family, rinse your mouth with Clinisept+ Mouthwash to eliminate microbes if they somehow get there.

Rinsing the mouth with a high-quality anti-bacterial anti-viral mouthwash is good prevention from illness, so add Clinisept+ Mouthwash to your gift bags. Everybody will thank you. It is mild, not burning, and even kids can use it. It will not affect your taste buds like conventional mouthwashes. It is mild and neutral. With Clinisept+ Mouthwash, you will be able to enjoy festive food flavors fully. And safely.

Protect your holidays with sanitizers that are harsh only for the virus and bacteria but mild and nurturing for humans - Clinisept+ Aftercare and Clinisept+ Mouthwash.

And don’t forget to take pictures. We need precious reminders that we can survive even the most blah, challenging, and yikes years. When we stick together, keep the distance and sanitize our hands. We can do it!

So, merry Christmas from all of us in Clinisept+ to you and your loved ones! Stay healthy!