What's the best time of the year to get a tattoo?

Summer and spring are a great time to show your tattoos, but not the best time to get inked. The sun, sweat, and high temperatures increase the risk of infections, fading, and scars.

If your want to play safe, get inked in winter and autumn. Tattoos heal faster, the infection risk is minimized, and the colors stay nice and bright.

Plus, why would you spend weeks avoiding sports, outdoor activities, and swimming in the most active time of the year? Use slow winter days to get a tattoo and give it time to heal as your snuggle on your couch, enjoying Netflix. 


Bacteria love summer too

Tattoos, in most cases, will heal nicely. Because the skin is a robust organ with strong defense mechanisms against pathogens. People were tattooing their bodies long before we developed modern-age skin cleansers and antiseptic procedures. 

For the large majority, things went smoothly, even in less than perfect conditions.


Still, a new tattoo is an open wound - and some risk of infections or complications do exist. Especially in the summer. 

Infections are not only unpleasant, painful, and potentially dangerous - even a barely noticeable infection can scar the skin and ruin the appearance of your tattoo.



To protect yourself from getting your tattoo spoiled, use Clinisoothe - the most advanced skin cleanser specially developed for tattoo care. It will give you the best results because, unlike other products, it contains a formula fully compatible with the skin. It won't hurt your skin cells - so your tattoo is going to heal faster than with other tattoo care products.

And if you decide to get inked in summer or spring (or sweat excessively throughout the year), Clinisoothe is a must-have. It is super-harsh for pathogens but mild for your skin. So you can use it multiple times a day to remove sweat and dirt - without any risk.

Sweating and tattoo do not get along well

Since sweat glands and tattoo ink share the same skin layer, they impact each other. 

Tattoo ink can obstruct sweating and capture the moisture inside the skin, creating an ideal environment for infections.


Excessive sweating can also prevent macrophages from capturing the ink inside their cells. And this process is essential for successful tattooing. If macrophages fail to capture ink and keep it in place - the ink will spread into the body, and the tattoo will fade or lose its sharpness and brightness.

That's why it's essential to avoid high temperatures and intense workouts for a few weeks. Don't worry about normal sweating - it will happen, but it won't affect your tattoo. Just avoid heavy sweating.


Exposing your new tattoo to the sun is not a good idea.

Peeling and crusting are natural parts of tattoo healing processes. Your tattoo needs at least 3-4 weeks to fully heal. If you expose it to the sun, you risk burns and ugly scars. 

Sun exposure without sunscreen is never good for tattoos, but it is strongly prohibited during the healing process.


To make sure your tattoo will look perfect, avoid high temperature, sun exposure, excessive sweating, and order Clinisoothe to provide your skin superior antimicrobial protection.

It pays off - with the sharpest and brightest tattoo. And if you need to get inked in summer - Clinisoothe will be your super-shields against complications and infections.