We won the Marie Claire Skin Awards!

We won! Clinisoothe+ Skin purifier won the best product for Rosacea last night at the Marie Claire Skin Awards! Symptoms of Rosacea affect many of our users, so it's great to see Clinisoothe+ recognised for this.

Clinisoothe+ Skin purifier was up against some stiff competition at the Marie Claire Skin Awards, but in the end, it was declared the best product for Rosacea! Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes blushing or flushing and visible blood vessels on the face. It may also produce small, pus-filled bumps.

The Marie Claire Skin Awards has been created to identify the best skin products in the market and celebrate brands acting sustainably and ethically. Clinisoothe+ is one of those brands, and it's great to see it being recognised for its efforts.

The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team at Clinisoothe+, and we are thrilled to won.The product is already a best-seller, and this award is sure to help it reach even more people. Thank you, Marie Claire, for this wonderful accolade!

Clinisoothe+ team were over the moon with the news. They knew that their product was the best solution for Rosacea sufferers out there, and this award confirmed it. They vowed to continue developing the product and making it even better, so that even more people could benefit from it. Award ceremony was a great opportunity to promote Clinisoothe+, and the team took full advantage of it. They spoke to the media, and gave interviews to all the top skin care magazines. They wanted to make sure that as many people as possible heard about Clinisoothe+ and the amazing results it could achieve. 

The team's hard work paid off, and Clinisoothe+ became one of the most popular skin care products on the market. Thousands of people were now using it to treat their skin problems, and they were seeing amazing results. We now can help so many people to achieve better skin and don’t need to worry anymore about their beauty routine! 

Marie Claire created the industry’s first skin-only awards, bringing the best products in the world for women. All the products are trialled and tested by Marie Claire's expert's renowned jury of journalists, dermatologists, doctors, facialists, sustainability champions and beauty experts. Find out more at https://reil-cosmetics.at/products/clinisoothe-skin-purifier-100-ml or https://reil-cosmetics.at/products/clinisoothe-skin-purifier-250-ml and start to use Clinisoothe today! Look different, feel better and start to show the world how great you already are.