Multi-Use Products are major trends in 2023!

Multi-Use Products


With modern times and thousands of new products produced almost every day, there are more and more consumers who want to have multi-use beauty products in their bathrooms! To begin with, such products take up much less space and then much less time to apply. They perfectly work and fulfilling their purpose. As life gets busier, we become more and more productive and return to the basics... Do more with less, look at the quality and keep it simple and smart.

During the pandemic, many cosmetic products for the skin have become extremely targeted, specific and multifunctional, precisely because a large number of people want to solve a number of their skin problems with just one product. Challenges such as 'masks', acne or dry skin are becoming more frequent, which is why the production of the targeted multi-use products becomes even greater. Do we really need a dozen new products every month that may or may not put our face 'in order'?

The mass trend in 2023. is already well underway, and it goes like this... Let's slow down our lives by using multi-use products that will not take up our time! And further on, that can be extremely effective in preventing, treating and protecting our skin!

By testing hundreds of products over 15 years and more, dr. Reil established the numerous benefits of Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier and Clinisept+ multi-use products. They are not only multifunctional but really have a multi-purpose effect on almost every face and skin type. The can help problems to be solved. Effectively powerful facial care can begin immediately!

The biggest benefit of minimizing your skincare products is the ability to tailor your skincare routine to better suit the exact needs of the skin you have. This becomes especially useful if you have several skin problems that you would like to solve. So far you maybe haven't found a 3in1 or even 6in1 multi-use products that would really work.


Multi-Use Products


Why Clinisept+?

The beauty product Clinisept + is the result of many years of research. Also a development of an effective skin cleansing multi-use products. It has an ingredient in it that other products do not have. Which is why they are not nearly as effective, and that is a hypochlorite solution.

What is a hypochlorite solution and why do doctors use it? First of all, doctors use it to clean and protect the skin from impurities, acne and pimples. Further, they use it for removing red spots, pigmentation and numerous other skin problems.

The hypochlorite solution works through a unique oxidation method that cleans and provides antimicrobial protection. Also, it is gentle on the skin as multi-use products: it does not damage, irritate or sensitize the dermal layer.

Your Clinisept+ will provide a deep skin cleansing and its ingredients are water-aqua, Phosphoric Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite. They have no alcohol or fragrance and colourant free.

Why Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier?

The skin cleansing lotion Clinisothe+ Skin Purifier will protect the skin from pollutants and impurities. It also prevents the breakout of pimples and promote rapid skin recovery. With Skin Purifier you will get advanced hypochlorite technology, which is safe for all skin types. It comes with 7 advantages in 1 revolutionary product.

Clinisothe+ Skin Purifier is an ideal cleanser for acne-prone skin. It is easy to apply and completely disinfects the skin without damaging skin cells or removing the protective barrier. The skin quickly calms down, refreshes and becomes shiny and smooth after daily use (usually it's already 30 days!).

One of its special features and 'secrets' is that it is based on a substance that is present in human cells as a natural cleaning agent and an antimicrobial agent called hypochlorite solution. This product is also the first product based on a highly stable hypochlorite solution. It does not harm or irritate but sensitizes the dermal layer and can be safely used on the face or body.


Multi-Use Products


Clinisept+ or Skin Purifier?

Guided by the desire to minimize your need to buy more products and in an effort to provide you with the best for the most optimal beauty budget, you can easily choose one of these two products - because they essentially work the same - and be sure that the result of your beautiful, clean skin will not miss!

Time-saving heroes

In addition to becoming the leader of the biggest beauty trend in the world - the use of multifunctional products - you will also start using one of the products that will become your personal hero. You will save time on your beauty routine and reduce the steps involved in daily skin care.

Also, be eco-friendly because you will no longer throw away dozens of bottles per month, and your cosmetic bag will look minimalistic, luxurious and classy.

Decide today to buy smarter and more efficient, and valuable product formulations that will change your care, keep them like your best friend.